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The Steward School - Early Act 2014-2015

School Project: Focus on Respect in the Cafeteria and Role Model Tranining
Summary-The students filmed a movie about respectful behavior in the cafeteria.  The film included segments about lining up quietly, listening to all cafeteria staff, not sharing food for safety reasons and staying in your own space.  There was a school-wide screening of the film in November for students in grades K-3.  This film helped to set expectations and in addition, a cafeteria incentive plan was created in which students received extra recess for earning “pom poms” for being respectful.  


Community Project: Community Giving Tree
Summary-We have been collecting school supplies for children in local communities to start their school year with the tools they need.  This drive will have to be advertised more next year as we did not have the same donations we had through other endeavors, probably due to the busy time of year.  

International Projects:  Partners for a Greater Voice and Collecting Shoes for Tanzania
Summary-This year the third graders hosted their second annual art auction and were able to raise almost $400 by selling pieces of their own artwork during the Open House at Steward School.  The children were responsible for the setup, the cleanup, running the cash registers and counting the donations.  All money raised was donated to Partners for a Greater Voice, an organization that the Steward EarlyAct Club has supported for two years.  The children enjoyed learning about and seeing pictures of those children in the Dominican Republic who were supported by the first art auction.  This truly motivated them to continue supporting this wonderful cause.

Students also helped to organize a campaign to collect shoes to help a small village in Tanzania.  The children in this village all wear three different pairs of shoes for various purposes.  Due to all the hard work and advertising, there were 200 shoes donated and brought to Tanzania earlier this year.

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Thank you for your continued support!  We welcome any thoughts or suggestions for our EarlyAct program for the 2015-2016 school year.


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